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So what's this?

I'm so glad you asked!

Main Course is a comedy* horror text adventure for the ZX Spectrum (and now the Sharp MZ-80A!) where you play a captured alien trying to get home!

You move about by typing in directions (e.g. North, or 'N' for short). You can examine things! Pick things up! Explore! 

There's no graphics so your imagination will have to do! I'm sure it'll look fab in your mind!

The story:

A small freighter shoots through hyperspace towards Earth.

On board is a precious cargo, drugged to sleep through the journey.


In an inebriated state, a SoMorph is the size of a tennis ball, and quite harmless.

This is how pilot Alan Davies found the SoMorph.

Neither he, nor his artificial cat companion Mr. Jones, realise the danger they are in.

Six days into the month long journey, the SoMorph is waking up. With a hangover.

Uninebriated, a SoMorph is two foot tall, purple, with tentacles and a single, central eye.

Its mouth can morph to eat any creature. It has eaten humans before. Absorbed their language and limited knowledge.

Now the SoMorph is waking up.

And it wants to go home...



Welcome to Main Course, a game I originally wrote back in 2008 :O

This time, the game is for the ZX Spectrum (other machines being considered!) and it feels right at home here!

You can play a previous version of this game in your browser for free, and download it for PC, Mac and Linux.

I do consider this the 'best' version though, but you can certainly get a feel for the game by playing the free version :)

Hope you like it!


*citation definitely needed!


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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Great game. Great humour. Enjoyed the heck out of this on my Spectrum and look forward to more!


Thanks for making this wonderful adventure game :)