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Again, great game and great story. My old eyes still hate the font though! Loved every second including the tearful ending!

That's so kind, and so precious to get such a reaction from something I made!

I'm currently neck deep in a new game, but I'll see if I can find some time in the next couple of days to add a 'standard' font version for those with, ahem, 'old' eyes! 

Thanks again for playing it! Was great fun watching! 



Hi - Played and solved in about one hour today! Thanks for an interesting storyline and I enjoyed the atmospheric descriptions and solving the puzzles.

Thanks for playing the game, and well done on solving it! :D


I enjoyed this atmospheric text adventure! Short but very well put together. Is it possible to go into the kitchen? I wasn't able to find a key to unlock the kitchen door.

Thank you for playing the game! I ran out of memory on the Speccy so decided to get rid of the kitchen! It now serves only as a red herring!