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Hi! Thanks for the game and sharing the source project!

But I have a question, if you don't mind:

Is it possible to compile the xml project as it is shared to other platforms?

I see Lantern lets you do that to its projects, but I can't figure out how or if there's some limitation.

I tried compiling for both Apple IIe and portable binary.

But in the Apple IIe case, the resulting .dsk image never boots in the emulator, and I tested another game in that same emulator and it starts normally, so I don't think the issue is the emulator.

And the portable binary option is greyed out, but the tutorial doesn't explain what to do in that case, so I wasn't able to build anything.


Also, another question, but how would it work if someone modified your game and wanted to share the modified version? Would it be ok? And if it is, should the person that modified it post in Github, Gitlab, or other open source site? Or maybe send to you?

I have absolutely no idea about this to be honest. I made this for my dad, then made a 'general' version seen here so that others could send a 'card' to their fathers.

The source was provided so that if the pre-made messages didn't appeal, you could modify the text to suit your situation, export it, and then send it onto your intended recipient as a gift.

As long as it's used for this kind of personal, or even educational use, I have no problem with it being shared I guess?

My hope was that some people might get interested in making their own games if they saw behind the curtain and modified a couple of things.

The very first game I modified when I was a little lamb was Psion's Flight Simulator. I broke into the code, changed air speed to 'fart speed' (forgive me!) and played it like that. That moment contributed to starting me off making games, and I guess a part of me hope that someone looking at the source for this might get inspired!

So, I don't know. I guess, use it for educational or personal use? Does that sound right?




I have had issues myself porting to other platforms, mainly because I'm unfamiliar with them, so I'm not going to be much help there! Sorry! 

I believe some exports work better than others, and some *do* work, as Lantern's author Evan Wright uses it as a teaching aid in his school, and they've made physical copies of games authored in his classroom for systems other than the Spectrum.

It may be worth writing to him via the email on the Lantern site and asking! I'm sure you'd get an educational response!

Hope that helps! :)