A downloadable space parking sim for macOS

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the single hardest part of space travel is docking…” 

A 2D Pixel Art game by Quantum Sheep, inspired by the docking sequence from the classic ‘Elite’ as well as Kubrick’s seminal work, 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

Pilot your ship across 10 systems to dock in 100 stations and make your way home! 

Stations rotate, making docking tricky. Then there’s those pesky space pirates to deal with. Asteroid fields. Mines. Wormholes. 

Oh my!

But the trickiest part, by far, is docking! As you’ll soon discover!

Good luck, Pilot! :D 


* 100 space stations across 10 different systems to dock with! 

* 10 different spaceships to unlock and fiy! 

* Six classical chiptune music tracks provided by the awesome Classical 8bit 

* Challenging hazards such as asteroids, space pirates, mines, wormholes and even mysterious black monoliths! 

* Excess fuel unlocks different colour schemes! Rescuing astronauts unlocks new music!


This game has been tested on Sierra and Catalina OS versions. There may be issues getting it to run on Big Sur, but there are some simple solutions if you google them.

The game starts in a window on your Mac in portrait mode. Please do not enter 'Fullscreen' mode as this will distort the image.

The game can be pretty tricky to control. Not sure the 'swipe to move' translates all that well to using a mouse/trackpad, but it is what it is. Sorry! Hope it's not *too* frustrating :O

Also, the interface is built with touch input in mind, so you'll need to click on buttons on-screen to use menus and stuff! Sorry!


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