Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the world's first Moodifier  :)

Move your character around with cursor keys or WASD. 

Visit the four halls within the Grand Hall of Moods to alter your mood!

Speak to the animals(lots!)

Collect drinks! Listen to the whispers in the wind... and then just stop when you're done :)

* Made with Bitsy version 4.0

* You can talk to animals more than once - keep chatting!

* Always end with a trip to the Hall of Gladness, so that you're feeling better before leaving!

* There's no 'end' to the game, but collecting the drinks in each hall will give you new messages when speaking with the Curator of Moods.



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cool idea! and the rooms looks nice :D the gladness room did make me feel better :P


I'm very glad! You're welcome, welcome, welcome :D


this was really cute and nice - thanks for making it!


Thank YOU :D