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Your Air Supply is running out! Again!

 A new spin on the infinite runner that melds out of this world retro music and graphics with modern gameplay!

Armed with a limited supply of Smart Bombs, and dwindling air, Sam must jump over enemies, avoid UFO tractor beams and handle asteroids as he searches for the legendary Infinity Cups!

The eight cups remain hidden across seven planets and one black hole, their strange inscriptions long since forgotten and their locations reverently protected.

Watch time and space bend around you as you run onwards towards The Void at each location. Once there, you have a chance at grabbing an Infinity Cup for yourself, and a swift teleport to the next planet!

Use your skill to outwit and avoid your enemies! When it gets too much, a single Smart Bomb will destroy all Sam’s enemies and fill his air supply up to half.

Careful use of Smart Bombs is essential when exploring the 8 locations that are host to the Infinity Cups…

Can you find all the cups? Will you see the future?

Get ready for your new addiction! 😀


Click left mouse button to jump

Double click left mouse button to activate Smartbomb

Use mouse to navigate menus


* Simple one mouse button gameplay with layers of depth!

* The most amazing retro soundtrack by Yerzmyey, composed on 8bit ZX Spectrum computers! 

* Beautifully animated  monochrome retro graphics! 

* Unlock new characters, planets, music and even colours as you run around the universe! Over 4,600 possible combinations! 

* Run around entire planets! 

* Collect 8 Infinity Cups to reveal the future! 

* Avoid hazards like Aliens, UFOs and Asteroids! 

* Retro look and feel  

* Play a while… play… FOREVER!!!


This game has been tested on Sierra and Catalina OS versions. There may be issues getting it to run on Big Sur, but there are some simple solutions if you google them.

The game starts in a window on your Mac in portrait mode. Please do not enter 'Fullscreen' mode as this will distort the image.

Also, the interface is built with touch input in mind, so you'll need to click on buttons on-screen to use menus and stuff! Sorry!


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