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Looks and plays great :) Can you add joystick support please ? 

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, the software used to make the game doesn't support joysticks as far as I know (just as it doesn't support sound fx)

There may be some work-around using emulators perhaps? I'll have a look!



Maybe you could do redefinable keys ? That way we could use sinclair joysticks !

Alas, PGD (Platform Game Designer, which I used to make this) doesn't support joysticks or definable keys or sound :O

I've learned my lesson though, and I'm now using MPAGD for future games which lets you use Kempston or Sinclair joysticks, as well as define your keys!

Sorry 'bout that!


I use Retro Virtual Machine as my Speccy emulator and it will map the controller to Kempston (I think there is a way to map it differently too, but I'm not 100% on that!) - either way, it lets you use a controller to play Sheep's games with and it's a fine emulator :) ..

I didn't know that! Nice one!

And I *love* the emulator as if it were my own tiny lamb ! Thanks for introducing me to it!

(also - new game this weekend! Spread the word!)

QS  =D


Oh, I was so far away...

You got pretty darn far sir! Looks like you got Quantum Locked! :O

Thanks for the video :)



Look! A video! Cor, what a lovely game!

HURRAH! Thank you, kind sir! :D



Lovely platforming fun just like it's 1985!! Thanks for making this game!

Thank you so much, lovely! So glad people seem to like it! \o/