After having gone to my doctor more often than is healthy, I decided a robot doctor might have a better bedside manner...

I was wrong :(

Meet Doctor Robot. He will analyse your symptoms and (maybe) offer help.

Sort of. 

Visit often to ensure you're getting the most out of your health!

"Quantum Sheep's Doctor Robot puts you inside a short, strange scene that you'll want to replay again and again (and again)." - PCGamer


Use WASD to move around. 

When seeing Doctor Robot, take the red half of the pill to initiate consultation.

Press a direction to advance the text.

When finished, leave through one of the two doors at the bottom.

Take two aspirin and see me in the morning*

Rinse and repeat.

==Some thoughts==

Doctor Robot may not make sense sometimes. He's old and may malfunction. Visit again to be sure you're ok.

Doctor Robot is not licensed to practice on Earth, so don't take anything to heart, ok?

Doctor Robot likes your shoes.

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*don't do this. I'm not a doctor, robot or otherwise.

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